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Wedding Photography

NW Photo and Film offers three wedding photography packages for your convenience. The three packages are named Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Wedding photography is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding and should not be overlooked! A photograph can say a million words and can mean something so special to you and your loved ones. NW Photo and Film loves to capture love! I offer high resolution images delivered to you digitally with a personal login through my website. Contact me to see why NW Photo and Film is the best choice for your wedding needs!

Wedding Videography

NW Photo and Film offers three wedding videography packages to let you choose the one that best fits your bridal budget. The three packages are called Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond. Wedding videos are extremely popular and captures moments of love and joy at a wedding! Receiving a wedding video is one of the most special surprises you could ever have. It captures you, your significant other, your venue, your flowers, your dress, your veil, your tux, your shoes, your laugh, your tears and your loved ones. What more could you ask for?
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Wedding Planning

NW Photo and Film offers wedding planning for your special day as well. You want someone who is detailed, punctual, organized, and willing to help you plan every single step of the way, so why risk hiring anybody but the best? Let me help you stay stress-free throughout your whole wedding process. Being detailed, punctual, and organized helps you plan your stress-free wedding. Contact us now for more information on our wedding planning packages!

Choreography for Weddings

The President of NW Photo and Film has been trained in many forms of dancing including jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet, and ballroom. If you are interested in performing and going out with a bang, let us know! We will gladly work with you to create a stunning memory.

Lifestyle Photography

These sessions include (but are not limited to): Senior Portraits, Graduation, Headshots, Maternity Shoots, Newborn/Baby Sessions, Engagement Sessions, Family Sessions, Homecomings, and Proms. I will make sure to portray your family, friends, and yourself to your own styles! NW Photo and Film knows that everyone has varying personalities and differing lifestyles; it is vital to capture all those precious moments that show the world who you are!

Commercial Photography

Not many photographers capture moments for personal and commercial use. NW Photo and Film provides photography and videography services to capture both! NW Photo and Film takes pride in our high quality photos that makes everyone have a smile on their face. Businesses often need photography to advertise their work environments and show the world what they offer. Without a personal touch of photography on your website, you will never know what type of potential clients you can obtain. That is why NW Photo and Film is here for you to showcase your business and add some sparkle to your websites. Just a few simple shots can truly promote your brand to customers far and wide. Contact us for more information and price inquiries for Commercial Photography.

Senior/Graduation Portraits

Senior photos are those that you will want to keep forever. It is the final year of your high school or college career so you will want to remember it! The impact you leave behind will show in these gorgeous portraits captured by NW Photo and Film. I love working with seniors because they represent accomplishment and success! Even if you did not get those prom photos, you will need to get senior photos to show the legacy that you have left behind for the future generations.


About to go audition for that next show, film, commercial, or movie? NW Photo and Film offers high resolution headshots for an outstanding price that you will not find anywhere else! I have a college degree in theatre and I know exactly what type of headshots fit the job you are looking for. You will receive more photos at a better price than many professional headshot photographers. Contact me today to find out more about our amazing headshot package!

Maternity Portraits

Having a child is one of the most precious moments in the world. A maternity photo session is something that you should not miss. At this time, you are at your prime! You are beautiful and majestic in every way and you need to feel that way. A maternity session represents grace, beauty, kindness, and nurture, everything that a mother can offer her child and more! I love capturing love and what represents love more than a mother and her baby?

Newborn/Baby Sessions

After taking maternity photos, you will be extremely tempted to get a newborn baby session done. Babies are adorable little human beings that need to be photographed at any stage of his or her life, especially after entering this new world. They say you never get this moment back, and they are right! Once you get your new photos of your little one, you can frame your little sweetheart on your wall to showcase to everyone who walks in your home. How sweet is that?

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions began to empower us women to be who we are. They show us how to embrace the body we were born in and accentuate all our best curves. These sessions are done to be sexy and pleasing to, not others, but ourselves. NW Photo and Film loves to capture special moments and boudoir sessions are no exception. I have had experience doing a photo session like this so you will not have any doubts when working with me. I will be able to help you plan your outfits, help with makeup, and help with any styling you need. You can book for a bridal boudoir session, maternity boudoir session, or a regular feel-good boudoir session! Feel comfortable working with me on this creative and fun session for nobody but yourself (and maybe your significant other as a gift!) Contact me to view photos due to customer privacy.

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My main focus is portraits, wedding photography, wedding videography, and wedding planning, but I will capture any event you want and need. I understand the obstacles when planning an event and if you are not sure where to start, I am here to help you!

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